Gravel, River Rock, and more

We 0ffer a large selection of landscape rock for pick up or Delivery. 

We conveniently sell by the “scoop” so all pick up trucks and trailers can carry the weight. Each bucket is approximately 1200 lbs. of material we refer to it as 1/2 Cubic yard of coverage. It works out to a little more so YOU ALWAYS GET EXTRA with us!!

River Rock  – We offer 3/4″ & 2″ (average size)in Realitos River rock and Brown. It is the standard color most common to our area and has a mixture of tan and gray colors.  We also have brown river rock in 2″ and it is more brown in color. One scoop will cover about 50 sq. ft.

2″ Realitos River Rock

2″ Brown River Rock

Bull Rock

  It averages 5″ in size and it will cover approximately 30 sq. ft.

Mixture of large Brown/Gray/Tan Stones.

 Pea Gravel

1/2″ average size



A light colored rock you see a lot on the Island.

We have it available in 3/4″ and 2″ average size 

2″ Limestone

Black Ballast or Black Star Rock

2″ average size

Black Star Rock is a beautiful dark rock that can be used to accent flowerbeds, in between flagstone in

walkways, or even below a garden fountain

Blue Limestone

2″ average size

A gorgeous bluish gray ballast rock

It is amazing in landscape beds even if just as a border stone to contrast another landscape stone.

Monterrey Blue stone

It averages 3″ in size

A beautiful mostly cream colored oval shaped stone with a subtle blue tint. It averages 3″ in size

Crushed Granite

(decomposed granite)

White Rust Rock