Flagstone is a flat stone that is available in many colors, textures, sizes, and thickness. Flagstone is also referred to as patio stone and can be used to enhance landscapes in various ways including stone patios, walkways, coping for pools and more. At Bay Area Landscape Nursery, we have beautiful flagstone selections from Mexico, Arizona, Oklahoma, and Texas. Our wide variety of flagstone offers options for any budget. Since we sell by the pound you can complete the smallest project up to large projects at a discounted pallet rate!  Come by and let us help you create the outdoor space you desire!

Texas Flagstone

 Texas Mix



Autumn  Blend


Arizona Flagstone

Cinnamon flagstone is a warm shade of brown color throughout the stone (1″- 1 .5″)

Sedona Red Flagstone

Brings home the beautiful red colors of the Arizona Mountains!  (1″- 1 .5″)

Raspberry Flagstone

A light color stone with a slight pinkish color accenting the rock  (1″- 1 .5″)

Oak Flagstone

A classic beige color with uniform texture throughout the stone (1″- 1 .5″)

Rosa Flagstone

A gorgeous plum wine color! (1″- 1 .5″)


Oklahoma Flagstone

OK Brown

A well known flagstone in our area. Some customers refer to it as Cameron. We offer it in 2″ and 1.5″

OK Blue flagstone

OK Blue/Brown

A mixed pallet of two beautiful Oklahoma patio stones

Mexican Flagstone

Grand Canyon Imported from Mexico, the colors in this flagstone are amazing!! The tones, in stipes and swirls, in shades of brown to plum that are absolutely incredible. The most beautiful of the flagstone we offer.  It is stunning and you need to come see it in person to appreciate how it can transform your favorite outdoor space!! Available in Light or Dark.

Grand Canyon Dark

Sonoran Gold Flagstone is a stunning yellow-gold tumbled stone so it is a bit thicker than the standard patio stone. This stone has gone through the tumbling process creating light gold colors and softer edges. This stone can be used for patios, walkways, driveways and random veneer applications.

Marbella quartz flagstone

Our most Premium Arizona Stone is a brown to rusty gold grey veined stone with many linear quartz lines with golden yellow brown tones colored rock. It almost has a wood type finish.