Tropical Plants

Tropical plants can transform your landscape into a beautiful, exotic paradise!  Tropicals are perfect for our South Texas Climate as they thrive in hot, humid temperatures, but want to be protected from very cold weather.

  • Some of the most popular Tropicals for our are include

    • Allamanda is a fast growing tropical vine that thrives in the summer heat
    • Bird of Paradise is grown for its impressive bird shaped flower.
    • Bougainvillea are beautiful tropical flowering shrubs available in many vibrant colors
    • Croton plants display large leaves with beautiful bronze, orange, red, yellow, and pink tones
    • Esperanza is a heat and sun loving tropical that blooms beautiful trumpet shaped, yellow blooms from Spring until frost.
    • Hibiscus are easy to grow plants that will decorate your garden with large, brilliantly colored blooms. These plants thrive in the summer heat and humidity, but are sensitive to very cold temperatures.
    • Ixora plants have amazing red, orange, or yellow color that blooms constantly throughout the fall.
    • Jatropha is a subtropical evergreen shrtub that blooms clusters of bright star shaped  flowers.
    • Mandevilla have colorful blooms (red, pink, yellow, or white) that last from spring until frost.
    • Plumerias are tropical trees famous for their gorgeous flowers which are used to make leis
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