Grasses, Ground Covers & Vines

  • Ornamental Grasses

    Ornamental Grasses are a lovely way to add color and texture to your landscape. Ornamental Grasses come in a variety of colors and heights giving you many design options.

    • Aztec Grass
    • Lirope
    • Maiden Grass
    • Mexican Feather Grass
    • Mondo/Monkey Grass
    • Muhley Grass
    • Pampas Grass
    • Purple Fountain Grass
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  • Ground Covers

    Ground Covers are low growing plants that spread easily along the ground.  Some varieties never reach more than a couple of inches in height while others can grow to two feet or more. Ground covers are generally low maintenance plants that only require trimming the runners.  The most popular Ground covers for our area include:

    • Asian Jasmine
    • Asparagus Fern
    • Confederate Jasmine
    • English Ivy
    • Ruellia
    • Sedum
    • Wedelia



    are generally fast growing, climbing plants that easily latch on to objects. They can be trained to grow vertically or horizontally. Some of our most popular vines include:

    • Bougainvillea
    • Butterfly vine
    • Carolina Jasmine
    • Clematis
    • Confederate Jasmine (also used for ground cover)
    • Coral Honeysuckle
    • Cross Vine
    • Passion Vine
    • Trumpet Creeper
    • Virginia Creeper
    • Trailing Vinca (Periwinkle)
    • Wisteria


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