Bulk Gravel, Soil, and MORE!

  • We have the largest selection of Landscape rock and materials in the Coastal Bend! 


    Pick up at the yard and we will load your products or order for delivery starting at $65


    We use a Bobcat front loader to load our bulk material.  We refer to “one bucket” as a 1/2 CY. In reality it is about .63 CY so you always get a little extra!! If your project is smaller you can buy material in a smaller amount as well.


    St. Augustine grass (Raleigh & Floratam) is available fresh by the piece or pallet.
    Pieces are 16”X24” priced at $2 each.
    Pallets will cover approximately 450 Sq. Ft. Call for current pallet prices.
    *Bermuda is available by special order.
    Vines, Grasses, Ground Cover

    Brown River Rock

    Available in ¾” (average size) as well as 2” (average size)

    Realitos River Rock

    Available in ¾” (average size) as well as 2” (average size)


    Available in ¾” & 2″ (average size)

    Blue Limestone/ballast rock

    2″-4″ average size

    Incredible blue tint to this rock!  You will love it!


    Bull Rock

    Available in 3”- 6” (average size)


    Crushed Granite

    (decomposed granite)

    Pea Gravel 1/2″

    Hardwood Mulch is sold by the FULL Yard

    Black Star Rock

    Garden Soil

    Sandy Loam

    Masonry Sand