Bulk Selections

    • We have the largest selection of Landscape rock and materials in the Coastal Bend!  You will love our variety of Stone products from Mexico, Arizona, Oklahoma, Colorado and of course Texas! Pick up at the yard and we will load your products or order for delivery starting at $65

    We have St. Augustine Grass, landscape rocks, Cobble Stone, flagstone, boulders, soil, gravel, mulch, chop rock, decomposed granite, compost, edging, and more!  Everything you need to complete your landscape project!

    We use a Bobcat front loader to load our bulk material.  We refer to “one bucket” as a 1/2 CY. In reality it is about .63 CY so you always get a little extra!! If your project is smaller you can buy material in a smaller amount as well.

    St. Augustine grass (Raleigh & Floratam) is available fresh by the piece or pallet.  Pieces are 16”X24” priced at $2 each. Pallets will cover approximately 450 Sq. Ft. Call for current pallet prices. Bermuda is available by special order.

    Vines, Grasses, Ground Cover

    River Rock is available in ¾” (average size) as well as 2” (average size)

    Realitos river rock

    Limestone is available in ¾” & 2″ (average size)

    Blue Limestone/ballast rock 2″-4″ average size $65 per 1/2 CY. Incredible blue tint to this rock!  You will love it!

    Bull Rock is available in 3”- 6” (average size)

    Colorado Cobble is a smooth more rounded rock straight from the Colorado river in the Rocky Mountains. Our multi color cobble is a beautiful mix of soft grays, reds, and tans and can be versatle in any landscape from bedding rock to borders.  It  is  available  in  2.5″-4″average size as well as 4″-12″.

    Flat multi colored stone is available in 4″-7″ and 7″-12″ average size. Veneer Multi Colored Stone is available in 4″-12″ average size. The Veneer stone is more oval shaped than the flats but sill flat on top to be stacked. 

    Multi Colored Boulders are available in 12″-18″ average size

    Mexican Beach Pebble  is our most premium landscape rock available by the pound .45 cents/lb or discounted to .30 cents by the basket. We offer Black, Red/Maroon, and Tan.  This top of the line rock is absolutely amazing and sure to make all your neighbors jealous!

    Flagstone Starting at .25 cents per pound


    Chop Rock .25 cents per pound

    Boulder rocks starting at just .25 cents per pound

    Crushed Granite or decomposed granite

    Pea Gravel 1/2″

    Hardwood Mulch is sold by the FULL Yard

    Garden Soil

    Sandy Loam or Top Soil

    Masonry Sand